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Tuesday Bird Droppings: Where the Orioles home runs will blot out the sun

The Orioles came to an agreement with Pedro Alvarez last night. So... that happened. Also in today's links, putting lipstick on a pig, pondering the Matusz status, and in a bit of good news, Dylan Bundy feels good.

Hello, friends.

There are now 27 days remaining until Orioles Opening Day. That number was worn most recently by Delmon Young, although I can't vouch that he was wearing pants when he had on the #27 jersey. It was also worn a bit farther back in time by current O's radio commentator Dave Johnson, as well as Benny Ayala.

If you missed the news while you slumbered, the Orioles - pending physical and assuming there's no Fowleresque reversal - have signed Pedro Alvarez because... well, honestly, I racked my brain and I don't know. If you have some thoughts on this signing, you can make me happy by adding your comments to the article I posted last night announcing the signing.

Today is a fortuitous day. The Orioles, or at least a team of players wearing Orioles uniforms, will be on television in Baltimore for the first time this year. A week after the start of the spring training schedule, MASN is finally getting around to televising a game. I believe the booth for today's 1:05pm contest is going to be Gary Thorne and Mike Bordick. Will this be the good luck charm to get them to finally win a spring game, or at least for Hyun Soo Kim to finally get a hit?

Let's hit the links.

Around the blogO'sphere

Buck Showalter not panicking after Baltimore Orioles drop another - ESPN
Well, at least that makes one of us who isn't panicking. OK, I'm not panicking yet, but I'm getting close.

School of Roch: Showalter on Matusz: "I think he'll rejoin us here before long"
The reader must decide whether to react to this quote with relief or consternation.

Who Will Be Orioles' Lefty Specialist If Brian Matusz Is Sidelined? (Press Box)
Friend of the blog Paul Folkemer wants to know who will be the LOOGY if there is no Matusz. I am also curious about this question - especially with T.J. McFarland potentially hitting the shelf. Might they not waste a roster spot on a LOOGY?

Early Orioles notebook: T.J. McFarland getting X-rays today; Bundy feeling strong after second outing - Baltimore Sun
Speaking of McFarland... oh, and also some Dylan Bundy quotes. He's feeling good, etc. etc. We'll see if it actually translates to good health.

Ubaldo Jimenez bounces back in start vs. Twins |
When the team hasn't won a spring game yet, these are the kinds of headlines you are going to get. It is the truth, if not the whole truth.

Steve Melewski: Showing premium velocity, lefty Tanner Scott has quickly moved up the prospect ranks
The other day on the radio broadcast, Jim Hunter called a random guy (Jon Keller) a "highly-touted reliever." I think Scott is an actual highly-touted relief prospect. Will that get him anywhere? Now that's the question.

Birthdays and anniversaries

There are five former Orioles with birthdays today. They include 2011 short-timer Mark Worrell, 2009 short-timer Chris Lambert, and 2002 short-timer Mike Moriarty. This was also the birthday of the late Ryan Freel (2009 O's) and Marv Breeding (1960-62).

I consider myself the kind of person who very closely follows the Orioles. 2011 and 2009 weren't that long ago, and yet, I have no memory whatsoever of Worrell or Lambert. Those teams are so much less memorable than winning Orioles teams.

Today is also the birthday of Orioles shortstop prospect Adrian Marin. He turns 22 today.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! Along with those Orioles, your birthday buddies for today include: the appropriately-named St. John of God (1495), patron saint of hospitals, the sick, nurses, firefighters, alcoholics, and booksellers ... that's quite a portfolio. Moving on!

It's also the birthday of Kerosene lamp inventor Ignacy Łukasiewicz (1822), early 20th century Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. (1841), roller coaster developer LaMarcus Adna Thompson (1848), ballplayer and Ball Four author Jim Bouton (1939), Mr. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr. (1975), and Dawson's Creek dude James Van Der Beek (1977).

On this day in history...

In 1618, astronomer Johannes Kepler discovered his third law of planetary motion, which states: The square of the orbital period of a planet is proportional to the cube of the semi-major axis of its orbit.

In 1775, the pamphlet "African Slavery in America," which first argued for emancipation in the then-colonies, was published anonymously. According to Wikipedia, some believe this author was Thomas Paine.

In 1817, the New York Stock Exchange was founded.

In 1965, a force of 3,500 US Marines became the first American land combat forces committed in the Vietnam War.

In 1983, President Ronald Reagan delivered the "evil empire" speech in which he denounced the Soviet Union. The Americans fans in the audience may recall this played a role in last season's finale.


And that's the way it is in Birdland on March 8 - or at least, unless something happens later. Have a safe Tuesday.