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Wednesday Bird Droppings

In which our links discuss Brady Anderson, the debut of Yovani Gallardo, dongs, and more.

Hello, Camden Chatters. You've made it halfway through the work week and are one step closer to Opening Day. Don't forget that single game tickets go on sale at 10 a.m.! We are now 26 days from Opening Day. That's of course the number of our esteemed leader, Buck Showalter. He wears it in honor of the late Johnny Oates, who also managed the O's.

The case for Brady Anderson being clean of steroids | Beyond the Box Score
I used to do appear weekly on a radio show hosted by Jerry Coleman. One day when I showed up for the show, Brady Anderson was there, having been in studio for an earlier segment. For whatever reason, he stuck around to sit in on my appearance, thus kicking off the best 30 minutes of my life. A caller said something to Brady about doing steroids, and Brady said to him something like, "If I had used steroids in 1996 to hit 50 home runs, why would I have stopped? I never came close to 50 again." Anyway, read this post if you like Brady Anderson.

Chinese Orioles signee Xu Guiyuan will arrive with intrigue - Baltimore Sun
Xu Guiyuan (aka Itchy Shoe) arrived in Tampa last night to join the Orioles minor league camp. Sun reporter Jeff Barker will be following him through the week in a series called "From China to Birdland."

Can the 2016 Baltimore Orioles Hit 300 Home Runs? | Innings Eater
I love dongs as much as the next guy, but let's not go crazy.

Baltimore Orioles primed to hit even more home runs in 2016 season | ESPN
More dong talk. If the Orioles all match their career highs in dongs, they'll hit 277. If J.J. Hardy hits 30 home runs I'll eat my hat. Anyway, David Schoenfield does some fuzzy math and says that even if they "only" hit 260 home runs, they could score 852 runs. Dongs, man.

Yovani Gallardo to make Orioles spring debut Wednesday | Baltimore Sun
About time! I'm ready to kick off the Yovani Gallardo era already.

O's Add Offense, Sacrifice Defense With Pedro Alvarez | Camden Depot
Camden Depot breaks down the Alvarez signing.

Orioles Mychal Givens Profile | Baltimore Sports and Life
A breakdown of Mychal Givens' pitching profile. I think he'll fit in nicely with O'Day and Britton.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! You have just one Orioles birthday buddy, and it's Clay Rapada. The imp pitched pitched in 32 games for the 2011 Orioles with a sparkling 6.06 ERA.