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Wednesday Bird Droppings

We've got minor league players, the legend of Joey Rickard, reviews? All in today's Bird Droppings.

Good morning, Camden Chat! I'm glad to see we all made it through yesterday's brutal off day, and now there is more baseball coming up. Tonight is the Orioles debut for Yovani Gallardo. Who knows what to expect?

If you didn't get a chance to read all of the fantastic stories that were submitted as part of our Opening Day marathon, you can find them all right here. There is some really great stuff in there.

Tides’ Christian Walker embraces move to the outfield |
It's almost minor league season, so the local papers are talking up their teams. If Christian Walker proves adequate in the outfield maybe there will be a place for him on the Orioles sooner than we think.

Reyes continues on fast track with Keys |
Jomar Reyes is a big guy. 6'4", 240 pounds big. He has moved up to the Keys this season where he'll play third base.

Dylan Bundy: Painting The Corner | Camden Depot
In a departure from typical Camden Depot fare, Nate Delong offers up some critiques of Dylan Bundy's art.

Joey Rickard, Instant Orioles Fan Favorite | Roar from 34
All aboard the Joey Rickerd hype train!

Hold The Joey Rickard Hero Worship | Baltimore Sports Report
Or not. This is one of two articles I saw about how Joey Rickard isn't the player we should be pinning all of our hopes on (Mark also wrote about this some time ago). Are people actually doing that?

Mike Wright, Tyler Wilson in majors leaves pitching depth gap in Orioles minors | Baltimore Sun
So now it matches the depth amongst the position players, right?

Buck Showalter Not Worried About National Media Projections | Press Box Online
I bet Buck is tired of getting asked about those things.

Is today your birthday? Happy birthday! You have just one Orioles birthday buddy, and it's someone you probably don't remember. Danny Clyburn had 29 plate appearances for the Orioles from 1997-1998.

On this day in 1992 the Orioles played the first game at Camden Yards. Was anyone there? I was at the second game. On this day in 2009 the Orioles had Opening Day against the Yankees with Mark Teixeira making his Yankee debut. Neither before nor since have I heard such righteous booing.