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Friday Bird Droppings: Bay Area breakdown

Can the O's overcome their power outage in San Fran? Is Zach Britton the GOAT? Is Buck > Tebow?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Taking one out of four is obviously preferable to getting swept, but the Orioles failed to make much of an impression in Oakland. Did yesterday's gave give any indication the O's are breaking out? Maybe. Grand slams are awesome, Adam Jones has quietly gotten pretty hot and Chris Davis has back-to-back multihit games. I'd be remiss, however, if I didn't mention that the Birds weren't exactly facing the A's best pitchers, though some of them, I imagine, are good people.

The fact that the Giants are slumping isn't a huge comfort either as the A's had lost eight of nine before the O's came to town. The spiritual leader of the O's might say #keepgrinding, but I take solace in the words of Bay Area luminary Al Davis, "Just win, baby!"

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Buck Showalter is Birdland's undisputed Minister of Feistiness.

On this day in 1984, Luis Aparicio was inducted into the Hall of Fame. One of the many great shortsops to don the black and orange, Aparicio won two Gold Glove awards during his five year stint in Baltimore. Legendary P.A. announcer Rex "Give that fan a contract!" Barney passed away on this day in 1997.

It's the birthday of "Captain" Lew Ford. Bobby Bonner, who you may or may nor recognize from Cal Ripken Jr.'s Topps rookie card, also celebrates a birthday today.