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Orioles Opening Day Marathon 2016

Orioles Opening Day traditions with Dad

Opening Day is an important day for many families. Our Opening Day marathon concludes with this story of a father and son from NickMarkaces.

Choose your own Opening Day adventure

Every move you make will affect the baseball games on Opening Day and beyond. Choose carefully.

The anniversary of the '66 WS is worth celebrating

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Orioles' first World Series championship. Should we care? Matt Taylor says yes.

Remembering Blair, fifty years after O's '66 title

Paul Blair, one of the most important and oft-overlooked players in Orioles history, helped lead the team to a championship 50 years ago.

One man's journey into baseball-induced lunacy

Every Opening Day, Jake English from Birds Eye View undergoes The Transformation. I think many of us can relate.

Rescuing Fred - a story of friendship and baseball

We continue our Opening Day marathon with a story that has everything: friendship, baseball, and the belief that Baltimore is better than DC.

The magic of baseball on the radio

With today's technology you can watch a crystal clear baseball game from TV or your computer, but there's something that just feels right about tuning in to the radio to hear a big call.

A Opening Day chat with former Oriole John Parrish

What's better for an Opening Day marathon than an interview with a former Oriole? Lancaster native John Parrish sat down to chat with one of our Camden Chatters about his baseball career.

Orioles Opening Day cocktails

This post for the Opening Day marathon reminds you that it's never too early to start drinking (responsibly) on Opening Day.

A paean to all the baseball I’ve never watched

There are all sorts of ways to be a baseball fan, including being a fan who hardly ever gets to watch a game.

The ten greatest Eddie Murray baseball cards

Eddie Murray was the coolest cat to ever put on the orange and black. Take a few minutes to check out his ten greatest baseball cards.

Put a Bird on that kid: Raising an O's fan in NJ

It's hard enough raising kids. Imagine having to raise them in Yankee Country?

Brooks Robinson and the threads of history

Brooks Robinson is a beloved Orioles legend who might never have been if any number of circumstances had been different.

Opening Day: Orioles vs. Twins Prediction

Orioles regular season baseball is back, and so are MLB predictions. It really is the most wonderful time of the year. Here's a projection of how Orioles vs. Twins might shake out on Monday afternoon.

Camden Highball Podcast: Opening Day 2016

Get primed for baseball season with Camden Depot's podcast.

Frank Robinson turned Baltimore into an Orioles town

When the Orioles traded for Frank Robinson before the 1966 season they changed everything, including a city's love for their team.

Top ten minor league baseball logos

Next up in our Opening Day marathon is a look at the top ten minor league logos. Which one is your favorite? Are we missing any?

The 3 most exciting Opening Day games in Orioles history

What's Opening Day without a little excitement?

A look at college athletes on the Orioles

Many of the current Orioles had accomplished college careers, detailed here by Matthew Fenton.

Remembering George Sisler

The Baltimore Orioles don't acknowledge their St. Louis Browns roots, but maybe they should. Here we remember Browns great George Sisler.

The importance of geographical identity on fandom

Being a fan of a sports team is about more than just the team. It's a tie to the local culture.

It's tough looking foward to Opening Day in 2016

It's tough to give always give baseball your everything, especially with the offseason the Orioles just had.

2016 Orioles minor league previews

You love them when they become Orioles, but it's a long road to Camden Yards. Here are some reasons why you should check out the Birds minor league affiliates this season.

Fantasy baseball names for all 30 MLB teams

What if the real MLB teams were fantasy teams? They couldn't have boring names like the Cardinals or Rangers. Here are some much better suggestions.

The Hall of Fame case for Tim Raines

Why has Tim Raines been overlooked thus far for Hall of Fame admission?

The Ball: A memory of the minors and Bobby Grich

Up next in our Opening Day marathon, Zeke McGeek shares with us a story of his youth and why the most fun of autographs is getting them.

The Sublime First Error; Or, An Ode to Ian Desmond

Opening Day is a day of optimism, right up until that first error is made and the player has nowhere to hide.

Passing Orioles fandom on to the next generation

An important rite of parenthood, and one that will be touched on multiple times here at Camden Chat over the next 24 hours, is the passing on of fandom.

Remembering Miguel Gonzalez with the Orioles

News broke that the Orioles had placed Miguel Gonzalez on release waivers Wednesday evening ending his tenure with the Orioles. It's time now that we remember his Orioles tenure.

Orioles 40-man roster as of April 3, 2016

The 40 and 25-man rosters have finally been set. This post will probably be obsolete very soon knowing Dan Duquette.

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Orioles Opening Day Marathon 2016