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Spring Training

News, coverage and analysis of the Orioles during Spring Training in Sarasota, FL.

Monday afternoon Orioles game thread: vs. Cardinals, 1:05

The last game of spring training will actually be on MASN

Tuesday afternoon Orioles game thread: vs. Red Sox, 1:05

In nine days, these two teams will play one another for real. Today, it’s another spring training game. But it’s on MASN.

Monday afternoon Orioles game thread: vs. Phillies, 1:05

The Orioles-owned television network is actually broadcasting an Orioles spring training game today

Here’s when and how to watch or listen to all of the Orioles TV/radio spring training games

Fewer than half of Orioles spring games will have local broadcasts

Orioles spring training game thread: at Twins, 1:05

Tuesday’s Orioles spring training game is on MLB Network, so people in Baltimore can actually watch the team. Hooray!

Orioles spring training schedule: TV and radio broadcast info

Most Orioles spring training games will not have local broadcasts. Here’s where you can find them on the air.

Orioles 2018 spring training broadcast schedule

All the ways you can watch and listen to the Orioles this spring

Orioles vs. Tigers final spring training game thread

Orioles spring training will finally be over after this one last game... although they still aren’t doing their final roster cuts today.

Orioles vs. Red Sox spring training game thread

Prepare for an ESPN Red Sox love fest as the Orioles head towards the end of spring training. At least it’ll be most of a real lineup.

Orioles vs. Twins Friday night spring training game thread

Another day, another audition for the Orioles fifth starter spot. Mike Wright gets his turn in the spotlight on Friday night.

Orioles vs. Blue Jays and USA vs. Japan open thread

There’s an afternoon game featuring several Orioles that you can’t watch and a night game featuring two that you can.

Thursday Orioles, WBC, and other sports open thread

There’s Orioles you can’t watch at 6, WBC you can watch at 10, and the whole day, there will be basketball.

Wednesday Orioles baseball/WBC open thread

We’re all ready for a good version of Ubaldo Jimenez to show up before the games start counting. Maybe today’s Orioles spring training game?

Monday Orioles spring training game thread: J.J. Hardy is back in action

J.J. Hardy is back in the Orioles lineup. Hooray! As long as he doesn’t get hurt and leave early.

Sunday Orioles spring training/WBC open thread

One set of Orioles is on the road playing the Twins in Florida. Another set will play in Miami for the USA and DR teams in the WBC.

Saturday Orioles baseball/WBC open thread

It’s cold outside in Baltimore, but if you watch the Orioles and some of these WBC games, you might feel a little warmer.

Friday night Orioles/World Baseball Classic open thread

The Orioles won’t be on TV in Baltimore, but Adam Jones and the American WBC team will, if you have MLB Network.

Orioles spring training game thread vs. Blue Jays

The Orioles are back on television on Wednesday afternoon, just in time for you to get to see Wade Miley.

Orioles vs. Dominican Republic WBC team game thread

If you want to watch the Orioles play the DR team, sorry, it’s not on TV. But it is on the radio, so, that’s something.

Dylan Bundy still working with the cutter

Last week, there were vague yet ominous concerns about Dylan Bundy using the cutter. In Monday’s Orioles game, he threw it and didn’t seem worried.

Orioles spring training game thread at Tigers

No television and no Baltimore radio for the Orioles today, along with a whole lot of fringe players in the lineup.

Orioles spring training game thread vs. Phillies

Today’s Orioles game doesn’t count, but it’s on television and it’s cold outside, so let’s enjoy it.

Friday Orioles spring training game thread: at Pirates

Nothing says spring excitement quite like an untelevised Orioles game.

Orioles split squad doubleheader game thread

Two different Orioles teams will play two different games at two different times in two different stadiums today. Spring training is really something.

Orioles spring training game thread: vs. Red Sox

Many Orioles regulars are in today’s lineup and the game will be on the radio, so it might feel halfway like a real baseball game.

An Orioles fan’s guide to the World Baseball Classic

There will be a bunch of Birds at this year’s WBC, plus a few other familiar faces.

Orioles lose game that doesn’t count to the Yankees, 4-1

The Orioles lost to the Yankees, but Ubaldo Jimenez had a first good spring outing and Jonathan Schoop hit a massive homer, so it could be worse.

Orioles vs. Yankees spring training game thread

The Orioles will be on TV for the first time this year and most of their real lineup will be playing. Hooray!

Orioles spring training has begun and fans can dream big

As spring training begins, the Orioles don’t look like a perfect team, but if enough things go right, they could be a real contender.

O's spring training roundup: Bundy, Harvey throw

Orioles pitchers continue to throw bullpens as position players including Adam Jones trickle into camp. Dylan Bundy and Hunter Harvey both pitched as scheduled today. There is video.

Highlights from O's 1st pitchers/catchers workout

Orioles pitchers and catchers took the field for the first time on Friday, which means fielding practice, bullpen sessions, and optimistic interviews with guys looking to come back from injuries. Oh, and all the beards were shaved off. Sorry.

The best pictures from day 1 of Orioles camp

Orioles pitchers and catchers have reported, which means pictures of mundane tossing sessions and guys standing around! Chris Tillman's looking to be in better shape, and Jonathan Schoop looks ready to rock, too.